Saturday, February 13, 2016

Saturday Short Story: The Bridge

Kendra knew she wasn’t supposed to be on the bridge. No one was supposed to go on the bridge. It was old and decayed and creepy. Only stupid people crossed it, and rarely did those make it to the other side.
            But ten kids stood waiting at the forest’s edge for her to reach the middle, and they expected her to chicken out. That’s why they’d dared her in the first place. She was the shy kid, the one that never caused any trouble…if anyone would have chickened out, it should’ve been her.
            But Kendra was tired of being the shy wimp.
            The wood under her feet creaked. The wind knocked her sideways onto the moldy rope handles. She shivered and tiptoed across another board. She could do this. Nothing stood between her and some much-needed respect. Except for a two-hundred-foot drop.
            Kendra snorted. She wasn’t scared of heights. This would be easy.
            A screech rent the air. Kendra glanced over her shoulder in time to see all the other kids turn and flee. They knew what that sound was, just like Kendra. And they’d left her.
They’d abandoned her!
            Kendra turned and quickly navigated the wooden planks. She needed to get back to the forest! Another screech echoed all around her, and Kendra started to sweat. It would get her if she didn’t hurry. Her moist palms slid on the old rope, and she almost fell face-first. Hurry, hurry, hurry, she chanted.
            This is what she deserved for trying to be brave. Shy kids never got eaten. Kendra saw a shadow sweep over the bridge in front of her. She squealed and ducked, just as talons scraped the rope to her left.
            It had missed!
            Kendra ran. Two boards cracked and crumbled under her, but she didn’t slow down. The forest was so close! Another screech – this one louder than the others – hurt her ears. Her right foot hit dark soil and she dived into the foliage near the bridge…
            But not quick enough.

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