Works In Progress

GOLDEN -- Completed Fantasy Novel

Anuba is like all the women in her family: beautifully, horribly cursed to transform into living gold. And she's expected to share her wealth.

After escaping being skinned alive with only the skin on her back, Anuba disguises her affliction beneath the opulent costumes of a palace dancer. Yet she still manages to mesmerize Ishtar, the Raji of Lesu, and garner the protection of the most powerful woman in the kingdom. 

But not even a Raji can break Anuba's curse. 

When Anuba's family discovers her and attempts to rip her away from her new life, Anuba must decide whether to stay for love or flee for her own life.

word count: 78 K  

MY NAME IS MUG -- Contemporary YA WIP


I yank the anonymous sign off my locker, rolling my eyes at the handwritten ‘die in hell BITCH!!!!!’ scrawled in crayon, and drop it to the floor. The janitor makes special trips past my locker once or twice a day just for that reason.
What genius thought up ‘die in hell’--isn’t that redundant? Don’t you have to be dead to get into hell? Well, except for a few notable examples like Heracles and…uh, some other heroic dude. Totally forgot his name.
My retention skills need fine-tuning, but I’ve always loved archetypes. The Hero. The Lover. The Rebel. My favorite, though, is The Survivor. The great thing about old myths and tragedies is that they aren’t weighted down—the characters are broken into their most basic selves, portrayed without shadows and layers and subterfuge. The hero saves the day or dies trying. The lover gets laid. The rebels add drama. And the survivors? They know enough to stay the fuck away from everyone else. 
Just like me.


 word count: 30 K

ENDLESS SIPS OF VINEGAR -- Dark Fantasy/ Horror WIP 

In a world dominated by zombies, there's more at stake than underfed undead. 

word count: 15 K